About Furniture Forms

The No-Fit, Return Reducer That Helps
Eliminate Customer Hassles & Guesswork
An Inventive Tool To Help Your Customer Furnish In Style

Finally, there’s a breakthrough that addresses
some of the biggest problems in furniture sales
with a simple solution to help your customers
choose the perfect piece for their homes. Furniture Forms,
adjustable life-sized templates of sofas, tables, beds, and more, save them the hassle of struggling with tape measures or newspaper scraps. This innovative concept enables them to perfect any floor plan without worrying about getting the right fit.

By following the user-friendly directions on the various forms, your customers can immediately envision what a specific size table, sofa or dresser will look like in the exact place they want it. To add to the convenience, Furniture Forms expand to several lengths and widths, allowing customers to effortlessly envision many different options for each room of their home. These versatile templates will eliminate frustrating furniture mishaps, giving customers the freedom to focus on the aesthetic details of their decor.

Furniture Forms are colorfully illustrated furniture rulers, which enable customers to create the footprint of a desired piece of furniture and visualize its position within their actual room environment. With Furniture Forms, they can purchase and design their room environments knowing exactly what size and configuration will fit their space. Furniture Forms eliminate the guesswork. That means less errors, mistakes, no-fits and returns. It’s the best kind of
win-win that can boost your furniture sales and bring the customer back for more!

Allows your customer to easily visualize size and placement prior to purchasing furniture.

Dramatically reduces no-fits and returns.

Creates a more knowledgeable furniture consumer and a more successful purchasing experience for you and your customer.
Benefit of Use
Each template has easy to read and concise instructions for assembly and use.

Your customers can simply match up the appropriate sheets and slide one over the other to determine proper dimension. 

Included are useful buying and arranging tips that assist the customer in determining proper selection and guidance with their design vision.